Quran For Kids

Basic Arabic alphabets.

Tajweed rules & regulation.

Improving pronunciation of Arabic alphabets.

Fundamental Islamic Studies.

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This course is designed by Hassaan Quran Academy, especially for kids. Now your kids can learn Quran online at our online Quran academy with the assistance of the best online Quran teacher.

Suppose you want to provide the Quran's knowledge and make him able to understand the Quran and its teachings. Then go for this course it will fulfill all your requirements.

Importance of this course:

Learning Quran is the duty of all Muslims; if you are looking for the right institute for your child but are unable to do so, don't worry; we provide online Quran classes for kids to teach your kid the teachings of the Quran. In this course, we will teach your kid the Qaida, Islamic education, Islamic studies, and basic tajweed of the Quran and makes them able to learn and understand the Quran correctly on their own.

Every parent wants the best teacher for their children, which helps them in their learning process; Hassaan Quran academy has the best online Quran teachers to assist your kids in learning Quran online. We have expert Quran teachers, especially kids who know how to teach children according to their learning abilities. Tutors with many years of expertise working with students like your children are at our service.

Children from all over the world can learn Quran with the expertise of our Quran tutors, who are well-versed in the subject matter. We also have the native online Quran teacher for the students living abroad and the non-Arab teachers for those who don't know Arabic; our teachers can provide you the teachings in any language, English, Urdu, and Arabic. Our online Quran tutors are available 24/7 to provide your kids the quality online Quran classes.

Learn when and where you like, with a computer and an Internet connection because we offer flexibly scheduled classes to your children according to their selected time. Hassaan Quran academy provides online Quran classes with one-on-one sessions. Your children can interact with their teacher and learn quickly and efficiently.

Quran for kids is the best course for your kids if they don't want to go to any Madrasah or have any conveyance issues, so enroll your kid in this online Quran course. Hassaan Quran academy also offers a free trial class for your children; sign up now to avail of the free trial class; if you are satisfied with our teachings, you can go further by the registration process.