Online Quran Memorization Classes

Online Quran Memorization Classes

Hassaan Quran Academy is offering you online Quran memorization classes. Memorizing the Quran is of great importance in Islam. This is a special effort to memorize Quran that needs discipline and hard work. Hassaan Quran Academy offers target-based Quran memorization classes taken online for their students from all over the world.

Quran Memorization

It is considered a huge blessing for Muslims when they get into Quran memorization. Memorizing the verses of the Quran isn't just a good deed; we are expected to keep rereading the verses, so we do not forget what we have learned. Muslims who memorize the Quran need a system that would instill in them the habit of revising and remembering. Quran memorization is not just a one-time effort; it is an oath a person takes with Allah that I am memorizing your book, and I will keep it fresh in my mind. Regular repetition is the key to achieving the task.

In an Islamic society, it is stressed that Quran memorization is to be carried out under supervision. A teacher is an essential part of memorization. A student can rely on his teacher for keeping him on the correct path in the journey of Quran memorization.

Online Hifz-e-Quran

online quran memorization classes

Is online hifz ul Quran even possible? Yes, not only it's possible, but it is also more feasible. Hifz needs a proper plan and a teacher who would support the student in following the path properly. Online Hifz becomes a better option as the student is getting the teacher's undivided attention, and that saves time compared to a physical institute for this purpose.

Hassaan Quran Academy is an international virtual institute offering its students one-to-one sessions for Quran memorization. With the advanced online hifz ul Quran option, students from many countries like UAE, USA, UK, and Australia have taken advantage of this great opportunity.

Online Quran Hifz students are given plans to keep the target in sight. They are given small and big tasks which the teacher makes sure the student is keeping up with all his duties. This way, both achieve better results with less time and effort spent.

Online Hifz ul Quran Course

At Hassaan Quran Academy, our priority is not just remembering and repetition of Quranic verses; We have a proper online hifz ul Quran course. Our teachers customize the approach according to each student, but the hifz ul Quran course guidelines are provided. Teachers have to submit weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports of the student's development to the academy.

In our course, we make sure the student learns the correct pronunciation and Tajweed of the Holy Quran. Each student has memorized the layout of the Quran, and each of our Quran memorization students can recognize and remember the Surah name and its placement.In our online hifz ul Quran course, we don't just go for blind memorization. Our students are provided an understanding of the Quran messages. The Arabic text is explained, and students know fundamental Islamic Studies.

Hifz Program for Adults

We are extremely proud of our Hifz program for adults. Kids can remember easily and store the information for future reference. Adults have to make an extra effort for basic learning; hifz ul Quran for adult students becomes a challenging task.

Hassaan Quran academy started the Adult hifz program many years back. We always start with small and manageable tasks. Repetition of memorized quranic verses is frequent for adults.

In our Hifz program for adults, we have several elderly students who could achieve the task because how we offered the course was comfortable and manageable for them.

Why will you choose us?

5 days free trail classes.

We provide 5 days of free Test Online Quran Classes to help you comprehend what we are teaching.

One On One Online Classes.

We are offering the indiviual Online Quran Classes for every student by Qualified Quran Teachers with latest Technologies.

Monthly Assessment.

Alhumdulillah! We have a monthly Testing system that we use to administer the test each month to evaluate the student's performance.

Fluent English Speakers.

We have Male and Female Qualified & Experienced English Quran Teacher.

24/7 Flexibility.

We are offering Online Quran Classes around the clock in order to learning Quran make it easy for everyone.

Expert Quran Teachers.

Our Quran Teachers have wealth of experiences in teaching Quran they are able to manage students through their soft skills.

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    I just completed the Tajweed Qaida Course within 4 months now I started my Quran Tajweed Course with Hassaan Quran Academy.
    - Abdul Rehman

    Birmingham, United Kingdom

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    The teacher is very friendly. My childrens are really enjoying Quran classes. Highly Recommended.
    - Kulsoom

    New York, United States

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    Excellent forum. The whole team is skilled and well trained to engage kids in thier sessions. We observed visible improvement in our kids since moved to highly recommended!!
    - Ayesha

    California, United States

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    Hassaan Quran Academy is the most reliable provider of their services across all over the world. They have top teachers who know their students and work with students according to their ability. They respond with a quick time. A professional team. Highly recommended to everyone.
    - Ibrahim Ahmed

    Bristol, United Kingdom

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    My kids are studying to read Quran using the correct pronunciation. I am extremely satisfied about Hassaan Quran Academy are very committed and professional.
    - Samreen Khan

    Toronto, Canada


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