About Us

About Us

Hassaan Quran Academy is an International Online Madrasa where you and your kids can be taught the Quran with Tajweed starting from the Basic to advanced levels. There isn't an age limit to begin Learning Quran with us. Our goal is to spread the Islamic education to all over the world Insha'Allah. Alhamdulillah Our Online Quran Classes are conducted throughout the world, with a focus on the United States of America, United Kingdom, Europe, Australia as well as the United Arab Emirates.. If you are looking for Best Online Quran classes you have come to the right place we have more than 10 years’ experience in Quran Teaching services as well have Skilled, well trained Male and Female Quran Teachers.

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The process of learning Quran also known as Reading Arabic is a big undertaking in itself. Especially if your language isn't Arabic.by Allah's grace, quraanclass.com was established to help you through this amazing journey and offer Quran, Arabic, and Islamic education classes online. With our web-based classes (Video audio streaming text chat, whiteboard screen sharing books, and much more). Our goal is to help people be able to study online Quran education.


Our Quran Teachers are reliable and well-mannered Quran educators for your child. Our Quran Teachers are skilled and committed. They do more than only impart how to read the Quran but also teach ethics and good manners for your children. Our Quran teachers will teach all essential Islamic prayers to your child.


We provide Quran education for children. Our highly skilled and experienced teachers teach kids about Quran and also teach about Islam from the basic to the advanced levels and increase the capacity of knowledge of the child. In addition, you will see a positive change for your kids, so don't squander the time of your children and join us quickly.


The Quran Tajweed course is designed because in order to be able to understand the fluency of Quran or basically how to recite the Quran is the most important. It is compulsory to be able to recite the verses of Quran in such a way that the learner or the reciter must be able to know about what he/she is reciting. Tajweed is the set of basic rules which must be applied when the student is reciting the Quran. The fluency in Tajweed helps us to enhance the meaning of any of the phrases we are reciting from the Quran.
Having to be able to learn the Quran and be much more applicable to be able to recite the Quran in the light if the Tajweed rules is very beneficial for the students themselves .Recitation of Quran in the best and right way is mandatory for Muslims and this is the way in which they are able to reflect off their own interest.


We provide Islamic studies for our students. If you would like to learn more the details of Islam and Islamic history then you'll receive it from our knowledgeable instructors who will teach students about Islam as well as Islamic history. Additionally, you will study and discover the amazing story of Islam as a Muslim it is our duty to know more about our faith. If you're looking to study Islamic studies, you can enroll in our Quran Classes.


The ability to be able to learn Quran is compulsory but the fluency matters a lot if the one learning is from another district where they aren't much familiar with Arabic Language likewise how the Arabic are able to because the people who are learning Quran are somehow not much frequent to adopt the language. There are most of the people that aren't much able to understand the Arabic language but being a Muslim the language barrier doesn't stands out and that's why the People who are learning Quran are always optimistic towards Tafseer and that's a very simplistic way to be able to learn about Quran.